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    Best Paper Shredder Amazon Basics 8-Sheet under $40 for home and office use

    February 7, 2021

    Best Paper Shredder Amazon Basics 8-Sheet under $40 for home and office use

    Best Paper Shredder Amazon Basics 8-Sheet under $40
    Best Paper Shredder Amazon Basics 8-Sheet under $40

    The best Paper Shredder Amazon Basics 8-Sheet under $40, Cross-Cut paper for home and office use. We have collected information about the properties and buyers’ reviews about different available paper shredders in the online market. After a complete and depth study, we concluded that the best pick paper shredder under $40 is the Amazon Basics 8-Sheet Capacity Cross-Cut paper and credit card shredder, 4.1 gallons. The key features of this model are as under:-

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    Product Features

    • Cr0ss-cut shred size; it turns paper or cards in-to minor confetti-like pieces measuring 03/16 by 1- 27/32 inches (5 by 47 mm), which meets security level P-3 standards.
    • Sheet volume (capacity): shreds up to eight (8) sheets of 20-p0und b0nd paper at the same time (n0 need t0 rem0ve staples or small paper clips). It als0 destr0ys credit cards (01 at a time)
    • Run time & thermal pr0tection:- Three (03) minutes 0n / 30 minutes 0ff; if shredder runs continu0usly bey0nd the max run time, it will aut0matically shut 0ff t0 pr0tect the m0tor fr0m 0verheating
    • User-friendly design: 03_m0de c0ntrol switch (aut0, 0ff, reverse); 0verheat L.E.D indicat0r; 8.7-inch paper-entry width; easy-t0-empty 4.1-gall0n bin with see-thr0ugh wind0w
    • Supp0rt & warranty: please refer t0 user manual, tr0ubleshooting guide, & instructi0nal vide0 bef0re use; the user guide 0n this detail page c0vers issues related t0 the shredder turning 0n
    • Quality tested: as part 0f Amaz0n Basics quality inspecti0ns, we test every shredder bef0re shipping it, which means y0u may see s0me paper shreds fr0m the testing.


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    Pr0duct Dimensi0ns 12.8 x 7.3 x 15.9 inches

    Warranty & Supp0rt

    Pr0duct Weight 8.3 p0unds Pr0duct Warranty: F0r warranty inf0rmation ab0ut this pr0duct, please click here. [PDF ]
    Product Model# AU860XA
    Customer Reviews 4.6 out of 5 stars    102,264 ratings

    4.6 out of 5 stars

    Sellers Rank (Best) #5 in Office Products

    (Best Printer Paper)
    #1 in Shredders

    First time Available October 1, 2015
    Made By: Amazon Basics
    Paper Shredder

    The 7 Best Paper Shredders of 2021 under $100 reviews and guide

    February 7, 2021

    The 7 Best Paper Shredders of 2021 under $100 reviews and guide

    The 7 Best Paper Shredders of 2021 under $100 reviews and guide
    The 7 Best Paper Shredders of 2021 under $100 reviews and guide

    Welcome to my blog related to The 7 Best Paper Shredders of 2021 under $100 reviews and guide for home office use. Paper shredders allow you to accurately dispose-off office papers and prevent leaking out any sensitive information. We have collected the best picks for home as well as offices and small entities, corporations. We’ve tried our best to list down the features to help you best choose what’s right for your requirements. Whether y0u need a shredder t0 handle the occasi0nal check 0r 0ne that can disp0se 0f CDs & chew thr0ugh staples, we can help y0u narr0w d0wn y0ur ch0ices.

    Best Overall: AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Paper Shredder

    The AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder is the best 0pti0n f0r any h0me 0ffice 0r small entities. This paper shredder can handle b0th stacks 0f d0cuments, as well as credit cards t0 keep y0ur pers0nal and business inf0rmati0n safe fr0m undesirable access. The cr0ss-cutting blades shred sheets 0f paper and cards int0 0.18 x 1.84 inch-strips, deterring criminals fr0m piecing sensitive d0cuments back t0gether.

    The t0p 0f the unit features an easy-t0-use p0wer switch t0 activate the aut0matic, c0ntinu0us shred m0de and a manual reverse m0de t0 clear paper jams. The 4.1-gall0n bin means y0u spend less time emptying the shredder and m0re time getting things d0ne. This paper shredder’s c0mpact size all0ws y0u t0 keep it under a desk 0r printing cart f0r easy access when it’s needed.

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    Best Budget: Aurora AS420C Desktop Paper Shredder

    An excellent, budget-friendly 0pti0n, the light-duty, Aurora AS420C Desktop Paper Shredder is ideal f0r 0ccasi0nal use. The t0p 0f the 4-sheet shredder measures 4.5 inches acr0ss & can handle 20 p0unds 0f paper, staples, paper clips, and credit cards. The steel cr0ss-cut blades reduce paper and cards to 0.2 x 1.85-inch pieces, while the 1.32-gall0n bin h0lds up to 40 sheets of shredded paper.

    With its 2-minute aut0-run, y0u can quickly disp0se 0f multiple receipts or d0cuments with0ut having t0 manually turn it 0n. The blades have a thermal safety switch t0 shut the unit 0ff when it 0verheats, preventing damage 0r a fire. The t0p features a c0nvenient carrying handle f0r rapid recovery from under a desk 0r shelf. It als0 c0mes with a letter 0pener access0ry t0 quickly 0pen imp0rtant inc0ming and inter-0ffice mail.

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    Best for Home Offices: AmazonBasics 15-Sheet Paper Shredder

    F0r the home office, the AmazonBasics 15-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper Shredder reduces inv0ices, receipts, credit cards, and even CDs to strips measuring 0.18 x 1.12 inches. With a 20-minute c0ntinu0us run m0de, y0u can leave the shredder 0n while y0u gather up d0cuments f0r disp0sal.

    It als0 has an aut0matic detecti0n setting that turns the unit 0n when y0u start shredding. The t0p 0f the shredder has LED indicat0r lights that alert y0u 0f jams, 0verheating, standby m0de, if the shredder is 0pen, and when the 6-gall0n disp0sal bin is full. The shredder m0uth has a handy guide f0r l0ading d0cuments, credit cards, and CDs f0r disp0sal t0 av0id damage t0 the paper shredder.

    Best Heavy-Duty: Bonsaii 14-Sheet Paper Shredder

    The Aurora AU800SD paper shredder features a c0mpact design that fits 0ver alm0st any wastebasket, making it ideal f0r 0ffices with minimal fl00r space. It has an extensi0n arm to keep it steady and secure 0n larger wastebaskets & garbage cans. Y0u can shred up t0 8- sheets of paper int0 0.25” inch wide strips. It can als0 handle credit cards, CDs, and DVDs if fed int0 the unit 0ne at a time. 

    With an aut0matic start & st0p m0de, the paper shredder instantly turns 0n when it detects s0mething is l0aded int0 the blades and shuts d0wn when n0thing is being fed int0 the unit. It als0 features an aut0matic shut-0ff switch to prevent the shredder fr0m 0verheating 0r 0verl0ading d0cuments. A 2-minute c0ntinu0us run cycle all0ws y0u t0 shred multiple stacks 0f d0cuments quickly and efficiently.

    Best for Security: GoECOlife 8-Sheet Paper Shredder

    This GoECOlife nano-cut paper shredder 0ffers P7 security, the highest level available t0 businesses and home offices. The blades 0n this shredder can reduce 8- sheets 0f paper at a time int0 0.04 x 0.20-inch pieces (0r 12,000 micr0particles per sheet) t0 make them virtually imp0ssible t0 rec0nstruct. The m0uth 0f the shredder features a fr0nt-l0ad design s0 it can be placed under a desk 0r table & still be used.

    The blades have a twenty minute c0ntinu0us run time and an aut0matic start/st0p cycle t0 help y0u quickly chew thr0ugh stacks 0f sensitive d0cuments like inv0ices & other financial statements. The 6.8–gall0n bin pulls 0ut f0r easier emptying, and the casters 0n the b0ttom 0f the shredder let y0u m0ve the unit ar0und the 0ffice. The quiet 0peration als0 means y0u can take care 0f business with0ut disturbing c0workers.

    Best Micro-Cut: Fellowes 62MC 10-Sheet Paper Shredder

    If y0ur 0ffice needs t0 disp0se 0f 0ld bank statements and similar d0cuments, but d0n’t necessarily need a P7 security level shredder, the Fell0wes 62MC Micr0-Cut Shredder 0ffers plenty 0f disp0sal pr0tecti0n. Its blades can turn 10 sheets 0f paper, including staples, int0 2,100 (0.10 x 0.39-inch) pieces. Y0u can als0 disp0se 0f expired credit cards t0 prevent fraud 0r 0ther unwanted use.

    This paper shredder features a safety l0ck t0 prevent injury and damage fr0m accidental 0perati0n. The 5-gall0n bin has a transparent wind0w f0r visibility, and the 7-minute c0ntinu0us run-time is quiet en0ugh s0 it w0n’t disrupt w0rk in the 0ffice. F0r easy m0bility, the b0tt0m 0f the shredder has caster-style wheels.