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    How to Create a Facebook Business Fan Page

    September 7, 2021

    Facebook is one of the top platforms to promote yourself as both a brand & as a blogger. On Facebook, You can find Women, men, children, youngsters on Facebook. Students and moms are one of the fastest-increasing groups of people signing up. Facebook Fan Page is the free and top social media marketing tool nowadays.

    It’s pertinent to mention here that as soon as you create your Facebook page, it goes live on Facebook. Hence it is a good idea to create a Facebook business fan page all in one sitting. It will take you between 40 and 50 minutes, depending on how much you want to customize the page.

    You can also set your business logo blog logo as a profile picture to your Facebook fan page and can upload this in jpg. Gif, or PNG. Format 180 pixels wide and not taller than the same. You can also set a cover photo to your page with the product line, logo, tag line in an image format.

    Here are the steps to create Facebook Business Fan Page:

    1. Open website or Click Facebook Click Here.
    2. Select your business fan page category; for business fan page, for a blog fan page, click the Product or Brand icon.

    This is the section where Facebook categorizes websites.

    1. Select Website from the available drop-down list.
    2. Type your Business or blog name into the Brand or Product text field.
    3. Accept the Facebook Pages terms by clicking on the “I Agree” button to start.
    4. In the available below the text box, Re-type the Numbers in the security check image and click the Submit button.

    If you don’t have a Facebook account, you’re prompted to sign in or create one at this point.

    1. Upload your Business logo by clicking the Upload and Image link.
    2. In the Upload a Profile Picture dialog box that seems, click the Browse button, select the image you want to upload and click Open.

    You will be given the option to crop the image as you wish. To do this, drag the corners of the crop box to the desired position and click the Done Cropping button.

    1. Add your blog information by clicking the Edit Info link at the top of the page.
    2. In the Name field, confirm that the name of your blog appears as you want it to.
    3. In the Founded field, enter the month and year that you started your blog.
    4. Leave the Address, City/Town, and Zip fields empty.

    Unless you have a specific business reason for sharing this information, it’s best to keep this information private. Some examples of when you might want to share your location are if you run local events or if you expect to receive mail.

    1. In the About field, enter your blog description.

    This can be your tagline or a short paragraph describing your blog in more detail. This information will appear in the left sidebar of your finished page and be viewable to all Facebook visitors. Don’t go overboard with lots of information here, because it will overwhelm your readers and clutter up your page.

    1. (Optional) In the Company Overview field, add a longer blog description.

    Keep it to just a couple of paragraphs or less. You never want to overwhelm people with too much information, because it decreases the chances it will get read at all.

    1. The Mission, Awards, Products, E-mail, and Phone Number fields are optional and may or may not be necessary for your blog.
    2. In the Website field, enter your blog URL.

    If you’re building a page for related blogs in a blog network, enter each URL on a separate line.

    1. Click the Save Changes button.

    Your new Facebook fan page is done! If you want, you can also upload pictures or videos or add additional links that you think your future Facebook fans would like.