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    January 2020 Current Affairs Pakistan and World

    December 29, 2020

    January 2020 Current Affairs Pakistan and World

    January 2020 Current Affairs Pakistan and World whole month with detail is as under:

    Q.1: When Iran’s most powerful military commander, Gen Qasem Soleimani, was killed by a US airstrike in Iraq?

    Short Detail:

    • Killed in US airstrike on 3rdJan, 2020.
    • Heading Iran’s QudusElite Force which was a unit of Iran’s Revolutionarily Guard.
    • Killed at Baghdad Airport along with Iraq’s Militia Commander Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis.
    • After the death of QasimSulemani, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Khamenei appointed Brigadier EsmailQaa’nias commander of QudusForce.
    • Funeral prayer offered on 6thJan,2020
    • 3 days of mourning was announced countrywide.

    Q:2. How many spots did Pakistan drop on the Global Corruption Perceptions Index 2019?

    • Transparency International on Thursday 23rdJan, 2020 released Global Corruption Perceptions Index 2019.
    • Dropped 3 spots in 2019
    • In 2018, it was on 117 while in 2019 it is on 120
    • Pakistan ranked 120 out of 180 countries
    • Score in 2019: 32
    • Score in 2018: 33

    Q. 3: When Services Chiefs’ Tenure Amendment Bill,2020 was passed by the National Assembly of Pakistan?

    • Bill passed in National Assembly: on 7th January,
    • Passed by the senate: 8th Jan.
    • Amendments were made in the Army Act 1952, Pakistan Air Force Act 1953, and Pak Navy Act 1961.
    • Now called: The Pakistan Army (Amendment ) Bill, 2020, The Air Force (Amendment) Bill 2020 and Pakistan Navy (amendment ) bill 2020.
    • Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjarni chaired the session.
    • Defense Minster Pervez Khattaktabled the bill
    • As per amendments, the hiring of services’ chiefs and CJCSC would be PM’s prerogative.
    • PM decision, the Age limit fixed 64 in the case of reappointment and extension otherwise the officer will retire at the age of 60 years. Appointment can not be challenged in any court.
    • Supreme Court on 28th November 2019 allowed the extension to General Bajwafor 6 months and asked Govtto to determine the tenure or law within the period.

    Q.4: When did the new CEC (Chief Election Commissioner) of Pakistan take oath along with 2 members?

    Ans: 27th Jan, 2020

    Short Details:

    • He was appointed on 24th Jan while he took oath on 27th Jan, 2020.
    • Chief Justice of Pak Gulzar Ahmed administered oath to new CEC Jalal Sikander Sultan.
    • CEC was dysfunctional after the retirement of former CEC on 5th Dec, 2019.
    • Appointed for 5 years.
    • 2 Members of Election Commission i.eNisarDuranifrom Sindh and Shah M. Jatoifrom Balochistanalso took oath from New CEC

    Q.5: Who is the current DG ISPR of Pakistan (Director General Inter-Services Public Relations?

    • On 17th January, Major General Babar Iftikhar appointed as new DG ISPR.
    • He replaced Major General Asif Ghafoorwho was appointed on 15th December 2016.
    • Major G Asif Ghafoor appointed GOC (General Officer Commanding) Okara Division.
    • And MajGeneral AzharWaqasappointed DG MI

    Q: 6. Who is the current Sultan of Oman after the death of Sultan Qaboos?

    • Haitham bin Tariq Al Saeed 65 years sworn as new Sultan of Oman on Jan 11th, 2020.
    • previously served as minister of Heritage and Culture.
    • Sultan Qaboos died at the age of 79 on 10th January 2020 due to prolong disease of colon cancer.

    Q. 7: When Ukraine passenger Plane crashed in Iran?

    • Ukraine passenger plane crashed on 8th Jan.
    • Killing all 176 on board.
    • Boeing 737 from Tehran to Kiev.
    • Iran called it human error.
    • US officials said 2 missiles were launched.
    • Carried 82 passengers from Iran, 63 from Canada, 11 from Ukraine, 10 from Sweden, 4 from Afghanistan, and others.

    Q: 8. When Pakistan Successfully conducted surface to surface training launch Missile Ghaznavi?

    • Pakistan on 23rd Jan.
    • It is capable of delivering war heads up to a range of 290 KM.
    • It is surface to surface ballistic missile (SSBM).

    Q:9. Which port was inaugurated by PM Imarn Khan in Khyber Pakhtun khwaon 10th January, 2020?

    • Azakhel Dry Port was inaugurated in District Nowshera.
    • Competed at a cost of 510 million.
    • Expected to boosttrade and economic activities in KP.

    Q: 10. How many Law makers were suspended from their memberships over Non-Decleration of assets by the Election Commission of Pakistan?

    • On 16th January, 2020 ECP suspended memberships of 318 lawmakers.
    • Senate: 12
    • National Assembly: 70
    • Punjab Assembly:115
    • Sindh Assembly: 40
    • KP Assembly: 60
    • Baluchistan Assembly: 21

    Q:12. Which Pakistani Scientist was conferred China’s highest Scientific Award on 11th January 2020?

    • Chinese President Xi, Jinping conferred the highest scientific award (China International Science and Technology Cooperation Award.) for the year 2020 conferred to famous Pakistan Scientist Professor Dr Atta ur-Rehman.
    • Award given in the field of chemistry.

    Q.13. Name the Prime Minister of Qatar who has recently been appointed?

          Ans: Sheikh Khalid Bin Khalifa Thani.

    Q.14. When did National Assembly pass ZainabAlert, Recovery and Response Bill 2020?

    • National Assembly on Zainab’s Death anniversary passed this bill.
    • 8th January, 2020.
    • Bill Introduces response and recovery mechanism for missing children.
    • Minimum punishment 10 and maximum 14 years and 1 million fine.
    • Bill presented by Human RightsMinister Dr. shireen Mazari.
    • According to the bill, Police have to proceed the case within 2 hours, otherwise action against the official.



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