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    Pakistan Short History For job test preparation

    December 25, 2020

     Pakistan Short History For job test preparation

    Here is the Pakistan Short History For job test preparation.


    What is Ideology Science of ideas, visionary speculations, manner of thinking, characteristic of a class or individual, ideas on the basis of some economic, social, or political theory or system is called Ideology. It contains those ideals, which a nation strives to accomplish in order to bring stability to its nationhood.”Ideology is a plan or program which is based upon philosophy”. (George Lewis).

    The ideology of Pakistan

    Pakistan is an Ideological state and the ideology of Pakistan is an Islamic ideology. Its basic principle being: “The only sovereigner is Allah”. Islam acted as a nation-building force before the establishment of Pakistan. The ideology of Pakistan basically means that Pakistan should be a state where the Muslims should have an opportunity to live according to the faith and creed based on Islamic principles. They should have all the resources at the disposal to enhance Islamic culture and civilization.

    Quaid-e-Azam once said:

    “Pakistan was created the day the first Indian national entered the field of Islam”.

    From the above statement, it is clear that the Ideology of Pakistan is an Islamic state.

    Pakistan Short History For job test preparation

    Two Nation Concept

    The fundamental concept of Ideology is that Muslims should get a separate identity. They should have a separate state where they could live according to Islamic rules and principles, profess their religion freely and safeguard Islamic tradition.

    On one occasion Quaid-e-Azam said:

    “The Muslims demand Pakistan where they can rule in accordance with their own system of life, their cultural development, their traditions, and Islamic laws.”

    Thus, this fundamental concept of Ideology led to the concept of two nations in the Sub Continent and resulted in the formation of Pakistan.

    (Pakistan Short History For job test preparation)

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    How To Create

    How to focus when studying “preparation of tests or exams”

    December 25, 2020

    How to focus when studying “preparation of tests or exams”

    How to focus when studying “preparation of tests or exams”. Following are the main points to follow during studying.

    1.  Set your study space

    The place your study should be away from distractions, such as TV, and in a quiet place where others in the family don‟t sit and talk or move around. Make sure the lighting is good and the table & chair are comfortable. Remove clutter (شور, پریشانی) a cluttered desk can make your mind cluttered too. So avoid having everything useless, all the books that you have ever used in school or college, etc on the table. Just keep those books ‟s you will need that day, according to what have you planned to study. Do not study in your bed because. It is for relaxing and sleeping and that‟s the message your brain gets you to sit and study on it.

    2.  Organize your study spot.

    Have everything you need to study with you. All books and stationery should be within your reach. If you get up to something you will lose focus.

    How to focus when studying “preparation of tests or exams”

    3. Turn it off.

    Turn off electronic devices like computers, cell phones, etc. Only use your computer if you need it for your studies, otherwise, you will be tempted to stray and start browsing. Even if it is for a few minutes, it will shift your focus away. Did you know that there are self-restraint, self-control, and think that can keep you away from the websites and software that are difficult to resist? If you can block Facebook, at least for a few hours not for days.

    4. Clarify objectives

    Know how much syllabus have to cover and in how much time, Go throughout the exam syllabus and truthfully decide which subjects need more attention, maybe because of the lengthy course or because it is difficult and requires a lot of learning. Then set objectives that should be included how much time you will give to which subject, which topics you will do in which order and makes sure there is time for revision. Once you have set a clear goal, you will be in a better position to focus on it and attain it.

    5. Tackle the difficult part first

    Your power of concentration is higher at the beginning of your study session. Do the most critical and challenging topics and first then move on to the easier ones. If you do the easier tasks first, you will be thinking and stressing about the harder ones the whole time, reducing your productivity and ability to focus. Sometimes the least desirable part of an assignment may be time-consuming and it could drain/kill all your available time. So try to limit your time and self-supervised to move on to easier matters, if absolutely necessary.

    How to focus when studying “preparation of tests or exams”

    6. Break it up.

    Study for say one hour then take a five minute break. This will help your brain recharge. But don‟t over-do the brake. The brake can mean anything moving around, having a little snack, or just closing your eyes and relaxing.

    7. Give in to temptation.

    You can your break in a useful way by giving in to the temptation that is really making you lose focus while studying. And by „temptation‟ I mean things like Facebook, messages, phoneetc. just get it out of your system so that you can relax and get back to studying without your mind wonderingif your friends messaged you or not.Let‟s be practical, social media and phone addition are really distracting and cannot be controlled in a day. So rather than wasting hours wondering about them while you should be focusing on learning check them out and kick out thoughts to concentrate on the next study session. Ultimately you‟ll be able to get more done. But this step should only be flowed when blocking yourself from these distractions.

    8. Follow your body clock.

    There are certain times of the day when all of us are super-charged and when we are low. It‟s due to our body clock that has its own way of working and different people have different peak energy times. Some people learn best early in the morning and can‟t keep their eyes late in the night. Listen to your body and study during that time.

    9. Sleep well

     You need to have enough sleep each day. No concentration tips and tricks are going to work on a tired body and mind.

    10. Eat well.

    If you eat healthy, your mind will be healthy too. Fruits, vegetables and dairy products will keep your energy level up and make you fit for any task.

    Keep in mind all the above said points if you need help regarding:

    “How to focus when studying “preparation of tests or exams”

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